Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fulham Palace Road

This is just a fleeting post about Nails Inc Fulham Palace Road. I didn't actually realise I owned this colour until I went through my collection (again). Aha! A quick Google search has shown that it was part of the Limited Edition Cashmere Collection, which I never actually bought! So this belongs to my sister :p

This is described as an 'iced coffee' colour, which I think describes it pretty accurately. I mean, my Starbucks Iced Latte does usually look a similar shade! It's a creme consistency, and I had to use three coats to get a smooth finish, which is normal I find for the Nail Inc polishes that I own. This is one of the more muted colours I own I've tried, so I jazzed it up a little with nail tattoos from the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique chains range.

Please excuse my dry skin! My fingers were in a sorry state unfortunately :(  The combination of freezing cold weather, working indoors & working outdoors is terrible!

The nail tattoos (AFNB) are available exclusively at Superdrug and they retail at £1.99.


  1. This is such a great neutral!! It looks lovely on your skin tone. Love the design too!

    1. Thanks Marisa! I had my doubts about this, but quite like it; though I've now returned it to my sister!

  2. lovely shade! i automatically reach for such colors when I shop! looks great on you :) x