Friday, 18 November 2011

Orly Petit Four

This is the first time I'm trying this particular polish. As I've said previously, I was hooked on Orly after trying it just once. This is a fairly matte pink. I'd describe it as 'tea pink' (for those who know what pink tea looks like), or perhaps as a dusty pink. I usually like to have a bit of a shimmer in my polish, so for me to wear colours like this is fairly rare. I wasn't quite convinced when I received this in my last order, but I really liked the other two colours in the trio set BrandAlley were selling (Orly Buried Treasure and Orly Platinum).

It is quite light, so I applied two coats, and have to say, I was impressed with the colour. I was pretty worried that the colour would look wash-y on my hands, but as you can see it definitely isn't. It's a simple, natural colour, suitable for those of you who perhaps aren't keen on wearing bolder colours to work.


The following day I've attempted some simple nail art. I was going to add more, but changed my mind and thought it was sufficient to just have some stripes. I have been complimented a few times with this simple design, so definitely one to try out!

Orly Petit Four with Black Stripes (with my favourite jumper!)

I definitely had my doubts about this colour, and thought about giving it away without even trying it, but I'm glad I gave it a chance, as I do like it. It's simple and natural. I would recommend this shade, and I think it would look good with most skin tones. A few stripes in a dark colour definitely enhance the nails, and bring a little more attention to them.

What do you think of the colour and the design?


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  1. im loving this! its so simple and classy!!
    *thumbs up* :) x