Thursday, 18 October 2012

Check out this Stripper Pole...

How could l resist a play on the name of this gorgeous polish?? As soon as I saw this on the Darling Diva Polish Etsy store I knew that I just had to have it!

I'm actually unwell with flu at the moment, so this is a short post as unfortunately my energy levels are close to zero. This is so beautiful though that I really couldn't wait to share it!! I purchased this along with Too Schmexxxy from Darling Diva Polish not long after she made my wonderful custom.

Not the best angled shots, so my index finger looks huge - it's not in reality I assure you! I blame it on trying to take photos when I have a fever :o The photo with flash really shows the awesomeness that is Stripper Pole! I love the holo-ness of this polish. And the glitter pieces go perfectly with the base. Application is extremely smooth; I wish all my polishes were like this! I used a glue base (to make removal easier), and I used Seche Vite top coat which didn't dull the holo effect at all.
I really recommend Darling Diva Polishes for their quality and customer service. This polish sealed the deal on it becoming one of my favourite Etsy stores :)
What do you think of Stripper Pole? Have you tried any Darling Diva Polish creations yet?


  1. Wow that holo goodness!!

    Feel better, Saira!!

    1. It's so gorgeous!! Thanks so much Amanda :) xx

  2. I love the larger glitters in this, very pretty!

  3. This polish looks so awesome!