Saturday, 2 November 2013

Let's Rave!

'Tis better to post a-brief, then not to post at all. Or so goes this attempt to reawaken my creative spirit :p Today I have Jindie Nails Rave to share with you. I have been wanting this for so long! I first saw it somewhere sometime - yep it's been that long that I can't actually remember. Whenever I looked though it was out of stock. That is until I was browsing Rainbow Connection... Lo and behold, it was in stock waiting for me! I ordered it and with the excellent service, it was in my hands within 2 days of clicking 'buy'.

From Jindie Nails description Rave is a "white crelly (cream/jelly) based polish that has large magenta dots, and medium magenta dots, neon yellow hex, several sizes of neon blue hex and neon green hex. This also has bright blue metallic and magenta smaller glitters." This description is definitely accurate. I didn't check out the description before, but having a look now it says opaque within 2-3 coats, no fishing required and no need for undies. I'm pleased to say that this is all true! When I started applying, my first thought was, oh no, I forgot to put white base on, how many coats is this going to take?? But with three coats I was pretty happy. I used Make Up Store Aqua Base and Seche Vite top coat. 

Also, although I used my trusty Galaxy S3 to take the photographs, I used my new daylight lamp and pop up light box. It makes a huge difference I think!

To liven up the Rave I used JOSS Holographics Caribbean Holiday on my pinky, and Flamingo Dancer on my index. I used MUS Aqua Base and Seche Vite again here. I love the JOSS holographics, the holo is awesome AND you can use top coat without dimming the holo effect

Jindie Nails can be bought from Rainbow Connection, Mei Mei's Signatures, Harlow & Co. and Llarowe.
JOSS Holographics are currently available from Llarowe.

What do you think of Rave? Have you tried out the JOSS holos?


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)15 November 2013 at 23:59

    I love, love, love this combo!! So fun!