Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Crushing with IsaDora

Hi all! Today I have two of the IsaDora Sugar Crush polishes for you. The beautiful Karoline helped me lay my hands on these - thanks hon! The textured trend seems to be a lot more popular than certain others that have preceded it, and one that I've fallen for. From the Zoya Pixie Dusts, to the OPI Liquid Sands, most makers have embraced the textured finish. Unfortunately, IsaDora are not available in the UK. I'm just saying that before you blame me for falling in love with them, and then not being able to find them!

Ocean Crush is just divine; in the bottle and on the nail. I can't say anything about it because there are no words.

With flash

A blurry shot to show how beautiful & sparkly this is!

Sky Crush makes me want snowy days (if you know me personally, you know how out of nature this is for me!) because it's just the perfect colour for the wintery season in my opinion.

With flash

I'm wearing this mani currently, and each time I look at my nails I smile because the colours make me happy. That's all I want. When you're having a stressful day or just not completely content, it's the little things that count. Beautiful colours make me smile; maybe that's why I have a polish addiction actually!

I used two coats of each, with Picture Polish Revolution as a base coat and no top coat. These are so sparkly that they don't need top coat. I know textured polishes are generally meant to be worn matte, but I like seeing the sparkles come through with top coat :p

Have you tried textured polishes? What do you think of the IsaDora Sugar Crush polishes?


  1. Karoline Mathilde J. Weibell6 November 2013 at 12:46

    Gorgeous Saira! :) I'm so glad you like them!! <3

  2. Thanks so much Karoline, I love them!! <3