Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Midnight Star with a Shot of Silver

It seems to be all my recent posts are Orly ones! Yes I'm a fan, but it's more that being in a rush quite a lot recently, they dry the fastest out of my collection. This is a delightful colour called Midnight Star. It's a shimmery purple that looks as good in the bottle as it does on my nails.


These photos are mainly taken with a flash because I think the flash really shows off this colour. This is what I would call a regal colour, it triggers thoughts of purple velvet cloaks! It makes me feel special when I wear it, which is definitely a plus point about any product for any woman :) This is the effect with two coats of polish. It gives a good coverage.


I do find with this particular shade (although it could be my application of it) that I have tip wear fairly quickly. I am a bit slack with applying a top coat so everything is judged by the polish alone. So with my usual trick I added a little twist:

Without flash
I added Models Own Wah Nails Smash Up in Silver over two nails. This shatter nail colour adds a nice difference and attracts attention to the nail. I find that in this there are tiny, tiny, shimmer particles. (Can you tell I love shimmer?? ;) ) The shatter effect is fairly pronounced with this polish. Although, similar to all other crackle and shatter polishes I've tried, after a day or so, it seems to fade away, or wear down.

What do you think of this purple shade? Some people are apprehensive of 'bold' shades like this, would you wear them?



  1. Wow, that blue sure is beautiful.
    You have a great blog :)

  2. @Sandra

    That's really kind of you :) This colour is absolutely gorgeous I have to agree :) x

  3. @MariJoI have to agree, this is definitely my go-to purple at the moment! x

  4. The purple looks so lovely with the silver shatter. =D

  5. orly polishes seem so nice, its a pity we dont get them here:/

  6. @Shang Thank you!! x

    @Rakhshan When I eventually pay my visit I'll bring some :) x