Thursday, 21 February 2013

When Stars Collide I Faint

Hello all! Today I have for you another of the China Glaze Hologlam collection; I'm on a roll here! When Stars Collide is a beautiful purple, and I can see the holo in it, so this is in the running to be my favourite Hologlam :) Thanks again to Susan at The Subtle Shimmer for getting this for me!

I used two coats over Make Up Store Aqua Fix. I could probably get away with one coat, but I didn't feel I could achieve a smooth look in one coat.

(I love my duochrome phone case!)

Without flash
I found the formula of this a bit irksome, but it didn't apply gloopy which is the main thing. Check out the lovely colour, and the holo, below... stunning, right?!

I have super dry skin with the cold, so please excuse the state of my fingers!

Now how do you feel about the Hologlams? Is this one winning you over like it did me?


  1. so wonderful! Not so much holographic effects but very nice nonetheless!

  2. It does look a tad holographic but the colour does lok incredibly gorgeous!

    Need to venture more into China Glaze, think I have just colour by them.



    1. It's definitely worth getting in my opinion! I know it's not that holographic, but as you say, the colour is gorgeous!