Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Kingfisher by Marks and Spencer

I really have been missing a lot recently, I am sorry for that! I had a lovely trip to Abu Dhabi though, and had the post-holiday blues lasted all the way until my birthday last Friday!!

Kingfisher is the polish I picked up at the same time as Purple Rain, and unfortuntely for it, Purple Rain blew me away, so this didn't have as much of a chance. It is a beautiful colour though, as you can see for yourself. It is described as 'Quick Dry' and I would agree with that. For me drying speed it so important, as I'm usually doing my manicures late at night.


I can't stop buying shimmery polishes!!

Have you tried any Marks and Spencer polishes yet? What do you think of this colour?


  1. Great find with those Marks & Spencer polishes! Gotta love shimmers, and that rich tone is lovely!
    Glad to see you blogging again, and looking forward to more posts :D

    1. Thanks hon!! It is a lovely colour, I feel sorry for it getting overshadowed by PR :p
      Aww, thank you!! xx

  2. pretty color but purple rain was magnificent! same here love shimmers! xx

  3. This is a really great color!