Saturday, 14 July 2012

Let it Rain Autograph's Purple Rain

I was very surprised to see Marks and Spencer updated nail polish ranges, but in a good way. The packaging is attractive and there's a large colour selection. There are lots of colours I like, and quite a few that I love. But rare is the colour that I find mind-blowing. But this is one of those colours. As soon as it was on my fingertips I knew it was the one for me, the one I would have to convince myself not to wear 24 hours a day for a fortnight.

I have to say after trying them, I'm extremely impressed. The formula was smooth, and I only needed two coats. It was also quick drying (something that is very important to me).

As many people haven't tried M&S polishes, I've added a little more detail than usual in this pist :)

This has a removable square cap similar to Chanel polishes, with a round brush holder.

The brush is standard sized, and easy to work with in my opinion.

I bought this colour because it was looked like a nice colour, but didn't appreciate at the time just how nice! This has multi-coloured glitter and a slight holographic effect to it. I can't described the beauty of this, so enjoy the swatches below!

And finally a zoomed in picture to show you this beauty:

I just can't say enough how much I love this polish! It's beautiful, and it has spurred me to buy other polishes from this collection.

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Have you tried any Marks & Spencer polishes? What do you think of the colour?



  1. Love the bottle, shade and scattered holoness! Awesome find, Saira!

  2. lovin' the long nails on you, the color's perfect, didn't know Marks&Spencer had nail polishes too! Amazing xx

  3. Thanks hon!! It was a welcome surprise that they do, and the colour range is gorgeous!

  4. This is absolutely stunning!! So beautiful.

  5. Where can I get those?
    I really love the shade.
    By the way, I'm a brazilian girl living in Atlanta.
    Nice to meet you!

    1. They're sold in Marks & Spencer, not sure if they have stores in the US though. Ah, that's pretty cool!! Nice to meet you too :)

  6. This is gorgeous, need to get me to M&S!

    Jesss xo