Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Good Kind of Black Ice

Firstly, I am sorry as I am so behind with the blog! I've been a bit of a whirlwind recently; however I'm going to try and get back on track!

Today I have a nail polish from one of my favourite brands, which isn't as well known as it should be in my opinion. I stumbled across MyFace Cosmetics when I bought one of their 'Blingtones', and I haven't looked back since :) I will hopefully get round to doing a post on the Blingtones as I have a little collection of them, but I also really rate their MyMix foundation and concealer.

The Lil' Bling Black Ice nail polish is described as "A blend of dark greys, silver, crushed onyx, & diamonds". I would describe it as a dark grey/charcoal chrome polish. I was tempted by this on a number of occasions, but I was worried (unnecessarily) that it would be too dark for my liking.

The formula of these polishes is slightly frosty, in that I personally find I need three coats to achieve a smooth finish with no visible brush strokes.

In case you're wondering what the blue is, it's Blue Odyssey by Max Factor layered over the Black Ice. This is a gorgeous colour, although I suspect it's often overlooked in favour of the infamous Fantasy Fire.

I had to take a pic with a Boots 17 Eyeshadow palette that my nieces & nephew bought me for Mother's Day; which just matched my manicure perfectly!!

If you haven't tried MyFace Lil' Blings, or any of their products actually, you need to change that! They're available from MyFace direct, and also Amazon UK.

Have you tried any MyFace products? What do you think of Black Ice?


  1. I love this! Both colors are stunning! And I like how you used the Max Factor for your accent!!

    1. Thanks Crystal! I really doubted this colour, but loved it in the end! x

  2. Love it Saira!! I love the shine!

    1. Thanks Marisa! It got a wonderful finish I agree!! x

  3. the lil bling one is so gorgeous, love the shiny metallic finish<3