Monday, 30 January 2012

Going Rococo A Go Go

Orly's Rococo-A-Go-Go is from the Mineral FX range. Of all the polishes from the sales haul, this was the colour I was most eager to try. I have seen this swatched and heard of celebrities wearing it. But for me, it was the look of the colour.

I have to say I liked this colour, but not as much as I was expecting to. It's like when you buy the chocolate bar that's been advertised everywhere, but when you actually try it, althought it's good, it's just not as delicious as you were kind of expecting it to be. I found it exceptionally difficult to photograph this colour, but in my opinion (and after about 50 takes), the photograph directly above shows the colour the truest.

With Flash

Artificial Light - Without Flash
Like all Orly polishes, this dried fairly fast. However, I did find this particular colour did chip fairly easily. I did think perhaps it was just me, but my niece tried it out, and she also was not very impressed by it. It also seemed to be a fairly 'soft' formulation, and it got marked the next day. I would definitely recommend wearing a good top coat with this one. I have to admit I did feel slightly let down by this. I have to say that the colour is nice despite lacking the depth I was expecting it to have.

Do you have Rococo-A-Go-Go? What's your opinion of it?


  1. it looks so gorgeous in the artificial light!I wish we could get orly here, they have such amazing colors!

    1. I'm so glad I decided to try Orly, I love their polishes! x