Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Sunny Leo S3 Case

This is actually my first technology-related post. I keep meaning to post about my buys, but it just doesn't happen... until now. Now I'm always browsing Etsy, for which I blame my original swap buddies Bridget, Crystal & Marisa, and so I decided to have a look there for S3 cases, and boy was there a plethora! I wanted something a bit different from my previous cases which were two lovely duochrome affairs from Amazon. Here's a link to the version for iPhone 5 as it shows all the colours in one photo (my buys were Blue Purple and Olive Green). You ask why I didn't get another one? Pretty they may be, durable they are not. Two cases in two months? The odds were not in my favour. Speaking of which, I can't wait for Hunger Games Catching Fire to be released!

In the end I chose a design sold by a company called Create and Case. They also have their own website, which is where I purchased my case from. This design is called Sunny Leo. The facts that I'm a Leo and I love the Sun may have had something to do with my picking this case ;) The great thing is that you can also customise your case, though I decided to keep it simple and go with the 'basic' Artist Designed case. A percentage of every sale goes to the designer, and I think that's a great concept to encourage more beautiful designs :)

I have to say that I was apprehensive about ordering from a site I hadn't heard of before, but the order turnaround was quick; from placing the order to receiving was around 5 days. I received an email confirmation of the order, as well as an email of despatch. On arrival I was pleased with the packaging. It's nice that it's not just a loose case wrapped in foam, and that it's actually in a box. This means you could buy one as a gift and not worry about having to buy a box to present it in. It also means the case arrives safely without any damage!

The quality of the case is great. Again, I was worried the plastic would be flimsy, or that the print wouldn't be that clear (can you tell I'm a worrier yet?), but I needn't have worried. It's nice that the Create and Case logo is discretely placed inside the case. I can't even count the number of times I haven't bought a case because of a logo emblazoned across the back.

The quality of the case excellent, and it's fairly slimline, so it doesn't add much bulk on to the thin beauty of the S3.

I would definitely buy again from Create and Case, though hopefully it'll be because I want to rather than have to due to dropping my phone! It's rare that a non-polish buy has me wanting to blog about it to advertise a company and/or product, but that's how impressed I am!

Edit to add: I've been using the case a little while now, and I'm still happy with it. Also, it's worth mentioning that it's easy to pop the case off when I want to slip the phone into my Brodit car holder. I'm relieved I don't have to ply it off using my nails hence ruining them, that happened a lot with my previous cases.

The case cost was £19.99 with free UK delivery if you order direct from their website.

What do you think of my new case? What's protecting your mobile?


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