Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Magic of Layering

So my title is a bit obscure, but the reason is pretty simple: I used four polishes for this mani!! If I'm honest, I have been delaying trying these, but decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. I don't mind layering polishes, but time always seems to be running away from me, and I wanted to give these beauties the attention I knew that they deserved. It's a picture heavy post this time round, you have been warned!

As the base I used Black Magic by Models Own on all my nails. I like that this is fairly quick-drying :) The middle and index fingers I used Alexandrite and the thumb features Zultanite, both from Ninja Polish. Ninja Polish released the Facets collection mid-August, and they sold out pretty fast!! There are three colours in the collection: Alexandrite, Zultanite and Colour Changing Garnet - technically it's 'Color', but I really dislike incorrect spelling ;) I didn't order Colour Changing Garnet this time round, but hopefully I will at some point in the future. I don't have any Ozotics to do a comparison, but the lovely Hannah at Polly Polish has done a great one between Alexandrite and Ozotic 528.

Ninja Polish Alexandrite

Ninja Polish Zultanite
On the little and ring fingers I used Ferguson Crest Syrah from the Fergie range by Wet n Wild. I received this in a swap with Amanda at Fashion Footing. Seriously, this girl sent me epic nail mail!! It was all a surprise and I loved all of them! I had to try this as soon as I got it, because Syrah is the phonetic pronounciation of my name; so cool!! You could definitely use this polish alone, without a base colour, but I hoped it might enhance the slight shift it has in the bottle with a dark base.

Wet N Wild Fergie Ferguson Crest Syrah


I took a photo with the flash, because although it doesn't show the colour shift, it still looks pretty darn awesome!

I love this mani! You know, my niece would say that I say that about every polish, or about every song on my CDs, but really, I do :) It's made me smile every time it's caught my eyes!!

Have you tried any of the polishes featured today? What do you think of the colours?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous girl!! I have been lemming those Ninja Polishes, I need to hop over and see if they're back in stock yet!

    1. Thanks Jacqui :) That's an awesome compliment coming from you! You definitely do need these in your life!

  2. Love how they work well as a mani together. And GAH! WANT Alexandrite! the shift awesome!

    1. Thanks L!! You need Alexandrite, it's totally your colour!!